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CNS Vital Signs Web In Clinic Tutorials and Resources

CNS Vital Signs Web Testing allows users to perform In-Office CNS VS Assessments. With a single CNS VS Web account, small practices and multi-center medical groups can effectively manage and evaluate their patients from any computer while maintaining a central location for data storage and analysis.

1. Administer In-Clinic Assessments via CNS VS Web

CNS VS Web assessments can be administered from any office with a persistent internet connection and does not require downloading software. Once complete, Reports are automatically stored to your Web Account.

PDF for Administering In Office Assessments on CNS VS Web

2. Viewing Reports via CNS VS Web

After a testing session is complete, results are auto saved in your CNS VS Web account. The PDF explains how to view those reports.

PDF to View Reports

3. Creating Graphs for Longitudinal Results via CNS VS Web

Create longitudinal graphs for patients who have taken multiple tests over a period of time.

PDF to Create Graphs

4. Administer Retest In Clinic via CNS VS Web

Patients are eligible for one Free Retest within 7 days of their initial assessment. Occasionally a patient will experience an issue during their assessment. This can include an Invalid Score, quitting, computer failure etc. Often users will retest for only one or more of the normed cognitive subtests.

PDF to Retest for In Clinic Testing

5. Purchasing Assessments for the CNS VS Web Account

Assessment inventory is needed to start testing In Clinic. Purchase by logging into the account and choosing 'Place Order/Purchase' in the left hand menu.

PDF to Purchase CNS VS Web Assessments

Customizing Your CNS VS Web Account Settings

6. Manage Users in CNS VS Web

We recommend each individual with access to the CNS VS Web Account have their own unique Username & Password for logging in. Adding Users is the best way to organize permission settings, and ensure that everyone in your practice has appropriate access to the different areas of CNS Vital Signs. There are three (3) different user types explained in the PDF below. Settings include the End of Test (EOT) Notification check box for individual users.

PDF – Adding Users in the CNS VS Web Account

7. Editing Account Data in CNS VS Web

Account information includes the Account owner, address, phone #, etc. This section also has the account level EOT (end of test) Notification vs. the individual User notification.

PDF for Editing Account Data

8. Customizing Assessment Configurations in CNS VS Web

Each CNS VS account comes with 10 preset assessment configurations. Account Administrators can edit these to meet their specific needs, which can save time when setting up testing sessions. Both the Name/Label and its content can be customized based on practice needs.

PDF to Customize Assessment Configurations

9. Exporting Data to a Database or Spreadsheet

CNS VS has the ability to quickly export patient & subject results to your preferred database or spreadsheet. This can be done from your Web Account or by downloading the results to the Local, installed version of CNS VS and exporting from there. Most researchers find it more efficient to Export from the Local because of download speeds.

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